The Saga of Thor's Skyr?

The Best Skyr in America!

Three Hollywood actors and an Icelandic entrepreneur walk into…well, it wasn’t a bar. It was an entire country. Terry Crews, Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, Dylan Sprouse, and Unnar Beck Danielsson all wanted to bring skyr to America that tasted like skyr in Iceland. There were already some versions of skyr available in the US, but they wanted to make the best skyr in America!

The Co-founders of Thor’s Skyr didn’t know about each other.

Terry Crews visited Iceland to film an episode of Bear Grylls’ hit television show Running Wild with Bear Grylls. Terry had his first taste of skyr as soon as he landed in Iceland and after filming episode returned to Los Angeles with one goal: to bring Icelandic skyr to America.

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson had finished filming his iconic role as “The Mountain” in HBO’s Game of Thrones and recently broken the World Record for deadlift (1,104 lb!) crowning him World’s Strongest Man 2019 when he set his sights on America. Hafthor would eat about 2.5 lb of skyr when he was training to break the world record and wanted Americans to have the same nutrient dense skyr he ate back at home in Iceland.

Dylan Sprouse had spent his entire childhood in Hollywood starring in Disney’s The Suite Life with Zack and Cody and started travelling to Iceland to explore is Nordic roots. While spending the Winter Solstice in Iceland he met Unnar Beck Danielsson, who acted as his guide around this mysterious and beautiful island in the North Atlantic Ocean. Dylan went home and began making skyr in his kitchen. The store bought skyr in the US didn’t taste like the skyr he was just eating on his trip in Iceland.

And then there was Unnar Beck Danielsson…an Icelandic entrepreneur whose popular restaurant had to be closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unnar would often recommend skyr to American tourists visiting his restaurant as a high protein lunch to take with them on their adventures around the island. Unnar could see from their reactions that they had never had anything like Icelandic skyr before and after a few weeks locked down in his apartment he decided to bring real Icelandic skyr to the United States.

Thor’s Skyr was created with a bit of luck…

Unnar called Hafthor and told him about his plan. Hafthor was immediately interested. In fact, he had the same idea. Unnar still had Dylan’s number from guiding him around Iceland. One phone call later and the three of them, Hafthor, Dylan, and Unnar, were ready to make skyr in America…well, almost.

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Terry Crews Loves Thor's Skyr

Terry Crews loves…SKYR!

Terry Crews had a catchphrase from his role on the hit television show Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “Terry loves yogurt!”

But during his visit to Iceland to film the episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, Terry made a post on Instagram:

Terry loves Icelandic Skyr (YOGURT)!!

Unnar showed Hafthor the post and then called Dylan. It was too good to be true! But how would they reach out to Terry?

Terry was trying to make skyr in America when he heard about Thor’s Skyr.

In another stroke of luck, Terry was already approaching dairy producers and yogurt companies to help him make Icelandic skyr when he heard about Thor’s Skyr from a mutual friend of his and Dylan’s.

Terry researched the name “Thor” and found that his name, Terry, had Nordic roots and meant “brother of Thor”. Once again, whether it was luck, coincidence, or something else, it felt like Thor’s Skyr was meant to be and after Hafthor, Dylan, Terry, and Unnar discussed Thor’s Skyr over a video call, it was decided. Thor’s Skyr would make skyr in America that tasted like skyr in Iceland!

Thor’s Skyr is proudly made in the USA!

Skyr is a cultured milk product made in a similar way to kefir, yogurt, or even closer, Greek yogurt. Thor’s Skyr has more protein and less sugar than Greek yogurt, yogurt, or kefir and packed with billions of probiotics that promote a healthy gut and nutrient absorption. The method for making skyr was developed in Iceland and the Co-founders knew they would need to use that same technology to make skyr in America that tastes like skyr in Iceland.

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The Co-founders managed to find a facility in Pennsylvania that sourced all its milk from family farm dairy producers in the region and, amazingly, had the technology developed in Iceland ready and waiting. More luck? Maybe.

Unar giving Thor's Skyr in Hafthor's mouth
All the flavors

Thor’s Skyr is not yogurt…it’s SKYR!

Thor’s Skyr is made the same way skyr is made in Iceland. The process filters out the lactic acid or whey, leaving only the thick, velvety smooth texture that you’ll be tempted to call “creamy” but it only contains 2% fat.

After a few test runs, the Co-founders were ready to share Thor’s Skyr with America. What had started as an individual passion for Icelandic skyr turned into a shared dream. After a few spoonful’s of Thor’s Skyr, Terry, Hafthor, Dylan and Unnar realized one thing: Their shared dream had become a reality.

Now they want to share Thor’s Skyr with all of you!

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